Posted by : Emily | On : June 2, 2013

Amethyst Cove IMG_3094

A gorgeous day for rock-hounding at Amethyst Cove in Nova Scotia. Steep terrain led us down to a beach covered in basaltic rock littered with mineralized vesicles and agate nodules. Only the tides will limit your exploration – you must be up and down a 3km beach within 3 to 4 hours, before the mighty tides of the Bay of Fundy force you back up the cliff! Our initial visit revealed crystalline amethyst, quartz, natrolite (+/- tomsonite and stilbite) as well as massive magnetite, hematite, chert and agate. The next visit will yield some more-spectacular agate and amethyst…




Click here for more information on the mineralogy of Nova Scotia.



Posted by : Emily | On : May 18, 2013

Cunard's Beach

Had a fantastic day prospecting around Ovens Natural Park near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Discoveries in the area spurred on a gold rush in 1861 that yielded approximately 5800 ounces of gold in six months, without the aid of machinery . We didn’t get a chance to do any panning on the beach this time, but found some spectacular arsenopyrite crystals and a great display of the complexity of the Halifax Formation!

NS Arsenopyrite Arsenopyrite crystals



Posted by : Emily | On : March 31, 2013

A visit to Nova Scotia’s South Shore for rocky inspiration: