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Quartz (SiO2) can come in a range of shades and opacity but is most widely recognized as white or colourless. The colour of sand deposits depend largely on the variety of minerals and country rock detritus that make up the resource. The Shaw Resources Natural Silica Sand deposit (>98% SiO2) contains abundant rock crystal and citrine quartz, with lesser milky quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz. This combination gives the sand a pure white to buff hue and makes it excellent for filtration sands, blasting abrasives, and a variety of decorative uses!
Silica sands



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The Nova Scotia government has recently made two decisions detrimental to prospectors in Nova Scotia.

The first issue is the significant increase in claim-staking fees. Based on the per-hectare price of land, Nova Scotia prospectors were already at a severe disadvantage compared to other provinces – this disadvantage was increased by 75% as of August 26th, 2013.

Claim Fees v2.001

Prospectors, as well as small exploration companies, do not receive any income from leasing and working their mineral claims. However, they do have significant expenditures within rural Nova Scotia including accommodation, food, fuel, supply and equipment purchases or rentals, and procurement of services and labour. The only chance a prospector has at making money is if they do their ‘homework’, stake valuable ground, and work hard to find serious mineral potential. Not all of the lands chosen offer mineral potential, and if it doesn’t have a potential future value the venture will be an economic loss to the prospector or small exploration company.

The NSPA would like the new government to investigate the differences between the various parties of the mining sector and cancel the unjust increases to mineral claim-staking fees. Nova Scotia prospectors can not afford these barriers to exploration.


The second issue deals with protecting the 12%+. Of course the prospectors of Nova Scotia are behind this initiative, and think it is extremely important to protect this extraordinary province. However, it seems it has been easier for the government to simply convert existing crown land into ‘protected’ status instead of seeking out unique and ecologically important tracts of land across Nova Scotia. Also, the 12% has already turned into 13% and is headed higher and higher.

Protected Lands v7.001

Crown lands are the most available lands to which prospectors, who are small business owners working in Nova Scotia, can perform their job creating and income generating activities. Crown lands in Nova Scotia are extremely scarce, in particular when compared to all of the other mining provinces and territories of Canada, therefore the erosion of these Crown lands are detrimental to prospectors.

The Nova Scotia Prospectors Association (NSPA) is lobbying for a cap to be placed on the amount of Crown land the government can permanently remove from economic use. For more information, please visit the NSPA.





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Good news for geoscience professionals – lets make this agreement Canada-wide!




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Congratulations to Emily Halle on receiving her Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) through the Project Management Institute!

This distinction demonstrates that she has the required experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects in mining and exploration. PMP certification is based on the PMBOK® guide and global standards library which defines a project from initiation to closing through planning, executing, and monitoring/controlling; respecting integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management. For more information, please visit



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Hot off the press! Download a copy of our new HGS Flyer here: HGS Brochure

Et ici en français! HGS Brochure FR

HGS Brochure v3



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NS Quartz Vein

Saw some interesting quartz veins while scoping out a few camp locations near our Nova Scotia gold properties. Beautiful spring-summer weather yesterday!

Possible Camp Locale